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A Word From The Barn...

what's your story?

March 12, 2015

i love it when someone asks me to create a sign that is meaningful to them or chooses one of my signs because it already has great meaning and importance for them. i also really love it when i get to see my work in a home where it serves as a reminder to be brave, do good, speak kindly, be awesome, persevere, or even bake up some of grandma's cookies.

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our newest collection - definitions

March 06, 2015

words matter. words are important. words mold us. and shape us. and words define us. but we don't always match the Webster's definition. so we carefully and thoughtfully created definitions for some of our favorite words. and artfully arranged them on signs.

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what's inspiring me today: Better Life Bags

March 03, 2015

i have found that i am really looking forward to wednesdays lately. (seriously. who says that?) i am so excited to share new talent and friends that i have fallen in love with. some of these shops have amazing talent and some have inspiring purposes. better life bags has both.

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Giveaway: Lisa Leonard Designs

February 24, 2015

it's wednesday again. time to share someone i love with you and a giveaway! i've been friends with lisa leonard for ages now and am always so inspired by her pieces and the meaning behind each one. she is honest, authentic, and doesn't hide her imperfections or the chaos that life brings with two boys, a husband, and a growing business. i was so touched by her recent posts on her trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International. if you haven't read about meeting her sponsored child, take a few minutes to hop over to her blog. i promise, you will be moved. this week only, 10% of all sales are going to unsponsored children through compassion interantional too!

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BB Frösch Workshop in Leesburg, VA

February 22, 2015

i'm so excited to share that i will be co-hosting two BB Frösch workshops here at the barn owl primtiives studio in March. i'd love to meet you and hope you can make it! it's going to be a total blast! we are going to learn from my sweet friend Heather from Whipperberry. she is going to teach us how to paint like a pro using BB Frösch's revolutionary chalk paint powder. there are so many different ways to use chalk paint. i can't wait to learn more about it. if you are interested, sign up quick! space is extremely limited since this is a hands on class!

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bop studio - a few of my favorite things

February 18, 2015

do you have a happy place? somewhere that you can escape to when you need to relax. rejuvenate. renergize. for me, that happy place is my studio. it is a room full of light. color. life. and it's full of so many of my very favorite things. the best part is that my studio is in my home. so i can escape here. a lot. usually, i come here to paint. being surrounded by so many of my favorite things is a great source of inspiration. and comfort. and the connections that i have with the wonderful people who hand crafted so many of my favorite things...well, those connections are the most inspiring of all.

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don't quit your day dream

February 15, 2015

when barn owl primitives started at my kitchen table over five years ago, i had no idea what it would become. all i knew was that i was creating and it felt good. it filled my heart. and it made me happy. over the last five years, i've had some pretty high highs. and some pretty low lows. i've met some amazing people. and i've made some great friends. through it all, i've always tried to follow my dream. to make original and inspiring high quality pieces that are meaningful to people.

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etsy love + giveaway

February 11, 2015

before i launched this new site, i sold all my signs on etsy. i have such a great appreciation for etsy. it opens up a whole new world to small business owners and allows them to create profitable businesses and to share their talents with the world. i am one of those. today i wanted to share with you one of my favorite shops on etsy. sunbasil garden soap.

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you are my sunshine

February 09, 2015

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handprint art - capture their handprints keepsake poster

handprint art - capture their handprints keepsake poster

February 04, 2015 5 Comments

are you trying to speed up time? or are you trying to slow it down? my husband and i were married over 6 years before we were blessed with our first child. we tried, unsuccessfully, for years to get pregnant. i remember those days. waiting. hoping. wishing. those days seemed to drag on.

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farmgirl paints

February 02, 2015

so this is my what i love wednesday post and, yes, i know it's monday. i'm an overachiever this week. {wink, wink} i met Becky from Farmgirl Paints a few years ago on instagram. i can't remember exactly how i found her feed, but i was instantly drawn in. she's a virginia girl. she LOVES barns. and she paints. our friendship was meant to be! her paintings are so inspiring and unique. but her cuffs. her cuffs speak straight to your soul.

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a confession and renewal

January 28, 2015

i have a confession to make. i'm sarcastic. in case you hadn't noticed. i love the motherhood is insane jokes, the rolling my eyes at my kids' antics, and i use the little emoji with the tongue and one crazy bug eye way too much. it's easier to be sarcastic than serious. easier to complain about motherhood, my lack of meal prepping skills, these ENDLESS snow days, and all the other stuff life throws at me. but that is not why i started this shop. that is not the meaning or purpose behind the signs i create here at barn owl primitives.

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