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A Word From The Barn...

window shopping wednesday {2}

April 22, 2015

my list of things to buy on etsy is getting bigger! so i'm keeping up with my new series of window shopping wednesday. have you visited any of these shops lately?

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window shopping on etsy

April 15, 2015

do you ever click over to etsy and hours later realize you've "favorited" a couple dozen must-have items? i do it ALL. THE. TIME. so today i thought i would share with you a few of the shops and things i'm loving on etsy. virtual window shopping. ;)

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the joy of cooking

the joy of cooking

April 06, 2015

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Your Story #2: Rachel and Trust in The Lord

April 03, 2015

sometimes inspiration comes from a memory and important phrase in someone else's life. my trust in the lord sign came to me as a custom order and with an amazing back story.

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what inspiring me wednesday: Old New Again

April 01, 2015

another wednesday and another day to share another favorite shop of mine. i love Old New Again on etsy. liz and her dad, rick, make the most adorable wooden letters, cursive words, and wall vases all made by hand in wisconsin!

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March 30, 2015

we all have dreams and goals. we have lists of things we’d like to accomplish. some are little. many are big. some we write down. others we keep playing over and over in our mind. still others we keep tucked away in our heart. we want to lose 10 pounds. exercise regularly. save more money. land a new job. redecorate our bedroom. redesign our kitchen. plant a garden. we want to learn to be a better cook. repair a broken piece of furniture. mend a relationship. we want to build a better bond with extended family or reconnect with estranged friends.

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what I love wednesday: the bunting place

March 25, 2015

every single time i post a picture of my workshop, i always get asked where i got my giant paintbrush and my bunting from. i know. i LOVE them too! ;) the paintbrush is from pottery barn kids from 5 years ago so they don't have it anymore. boo! but, my bunting is from The Bunting Shop. i LOVE the Bunting Shop. tina is the creator behind this Etsy shop and I love her unique color patterns and vintage fabrics. she has all different styles of garland and even a few quilts made of vintage fabric. they are so adorable!

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Your Story #1: Felie in Seattle, WA

March 20, 2015

words matter. i love creating custom designs for all of you and hearing the heart behind each piece or sharing with you the meaning behind my own creations. i also loved reading all of your submissions for the stories behind your BOP signs. what a treat for me!

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what's your story?

March 12, 2015

i love it when someone asks me to create a sign that is meaningful to them or chooses one of my signs because it already has great meaning and importance for them. i also really love it when i get to see my work in a home where it serves as a reminder to be brave, do good, speak kindly, be awesome, persevere, or even bake up some of grandma's cookies.

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our newest collection - definitions

March 06, 2015

words matter. words are important. words mold us. and shape us. and words define us. but we don't always match the Webster's definition. so we carefully and thoughtfully created definitions for some of our favorite words. and artfully arranged them on signs.

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what's inspiring me today: Better Life Bags

March 03, 2015

i have found that i am really looking forward to wednesdays lately. (seriously. who says that?) i am so excited to share new talent and friends that i have fallen in love with. some of these shops have amazing talent and some have inspiring purposes. better life bags has both.

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Giveaway: Lisa Leonard Designs

February 24, 2015

it's wednesday again. time to share someone i love with you and a giveaway! i've been friends with lisa leonard for ages now and am always so inspired by her pieces and the meaning behind each one. she is honest, authentic, and doesn't hide her imperfections or the chaos that life brings with two boys, a husband, and a growing business. i was so touched by her recent posts on her trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International. if you haven't read about meeting her sponsored child, take a few minutes to hop over to her blog. i promise, you will be moved. this week only, 10% of all sales are going to unsponsored children through compassion interantional too!

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