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horsefeather gifts

by Kristi Quill December 31, 2014

happy wednesday everyone! and happy new years eve!  i hope you are winding down from all the holiday celebrations and enjoying some quiet time to reflect on this past year. it has been a whirlwind and a wonderful year for us at barn owl primitives. thanks to all of you, our new website is getting lots of visitors and we’ve been touched by all your kind words and encouragement. thank you so much for blessing us!  we are forever grateful for our wonderful customers.  plus i now get to not only work from home, but i get to do it with my husband,   sean.  we are living the dream. and loving it!  

since it is wednesday, i get to share another blogger/shop i love and today’s is all about   Horsefeather Gifts.  

they are also a family run shop. i LOVE handmade gifts (obviously!) and adore   Chelsea’s work. she and her mom,   Tammy, started   Horsefeather Gifts back in 2009 and it has been so great to see them grow so quickly!  aren't they just the cutest?  they look like sisters!

if you’ve never browsed their jewelry, you definitely should take a peek. oh and just to make you swoon, check out her studio! ahhh, i’m smitten.

i just love their   signature ring...isn't it perfect?

and this colorful beaded   camper bracelet...dreamy!

and this gorgeous  necklace moves me!  you too, i bet.

i just know you will love her as much as i do and i hope that you enjoying getting to know her!

what inspired you to begin your shop?

I started working at a bead store when I was 16. I designed jewelry, taught classes and got to learn the ins and outs of a small business. Since then i’ve always been making jewelry. Finally in 2009 I decided to go for it and open an Etsy shop, the rest is history. I now have 4 full time employees, a retail storefront and a 3500 square foot studio in Henderson, KY:) #livingthedream  

what is your current fav product that reflects you as an artist/designer?

HorseFeathers is really an inspirational company. We create pieces that we hope inspire others in their everyday lives (much like BOP). My current favorite is our   Good Vibes silk wrap bracelet. It’s something I say quite often and I love being able to wear it daily :)  

what form of social media are you always on?

Our   Facebook page has been a HUGE part of our company’s growth so I try to stay up on it and keep the communication going with our fans/ customers as much as possible. 

who are your fav bloggers/shop to follow on facebook?

A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite blogs. They have the most amazing style + tutorials. :)  My favorite shop is   Evy’s Tree because they have the most amazing fancy sweatshirts ever :) 

finish this sentence: creativity always hits me when…

I finally get some alone time in the studio! I feel like the more silence I have the more I can really get into designing new things. 

i can't leave my house without my …

Bubba Keg! I drink an insane amount of water. :) 

what’s your fav etsy shop?

Grace and Lace! They have the most adorable boot socks.

isn't chelsea the bomb?!  

chelsea is currently offering 25% off site wide!  run (don't walk) over to her   shop and check out all her beautiful jewelry!  sale ends tomorrow (1/1/2015) so don't delay!

happy new year to you and yours!


Kristi Quill
Kristi Quill

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