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January 05, 2015

"Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” ~ Minor Myers, Jr

i read this quote while surfing the internet a few years ago. it moved me. so i created a sign.

i wanted it to be simple. and direct. and much like the quote that inspired it, i wanted it to be powerful. i hoped that its words would speak to everyone that had the opportunity to read it. that it would remind them that they are responsible for their actions. that they have control over the energy that they share with those they meet.

i sent the sign to my friend brooke because she saw it and fell in love. she wrote about it on instagram and it made my heart burst. she understood exactly why i painted the sign. it moved her, as it moved me.  she also shared this photo.  seriously.  how cute is she?  

she shared a list of the things that we can do each day.  it's the perfect list.  little things. big things. simple things. hard things.  so i wanted to share it with you.  i know this list will inspire you.  it will motivate you to do good.  

hold the door open for a mom with a stroller
help someone lift their bag into the overhead compartment
acknowledge people by their names
look them in the eye
say thank you as often as possible
ask the cashier how their day is going
compliment someone’s great hair
text your sis a funny meme when she’s having a rough day
compliment your friends selfie on instagram
if someone inspires you tell them
sweep your neighbors sidewalk while sweeping your own
donate a dollar to cancer research at the check out
develop your talents
sing songs
make pretty things
tell the people you love that you love them. often.
share your good fortune with others
shine a light on another’s success 
cultivate kindness and share it

i just love her list. don’t you?

i also wanted to hang this sign in my studio.  because it's message is important.  so i created this version.  i had just the spot for it.  i love the bright citron color.  and i love that i just can't help but look at all the colorful bunting flags everytime i read the sign.  those bunting flags are "doing good" by sharing their happiness in my studio.   this version is the perfect size to hang above a door.  what a great message for your family to read as they head out into the world each day.   


we also created a limited edition mini size.  it's perfect for a teacher appreciation gift.  

kindness is contagious. if we pour kindness out into the world, people will catch it! they will pay it forward and pass it on. it's a game changer.  i believe this to be true.

want to help me prove it? do something small today for someone else. smile at a stranger. bake cookies for your child’s teacher. bring coffee to the crossing guard in the morning. carry your neighbors paper up the driveway to their door. we can do this. we can go out into the world and do good.

leave me a comment and let me know what good you did today. were you the receipent of something good?  well, tell us that too.   let us know what good was shared with you!

xo - kristi



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