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by Kristi Quill December 15, 2014


a few years ago, while looking for unique and interesting 4’s to add to our family number wall, i got the idea to make a domino. 2 dots on top and 2 dots on the bottom. representing our little family of 4. i asked my dad if he could make one for me. so he went out into his workshop and played around with a few sizes until he came up with this one!  
yes, i have the best dad in the whole world!  the BEST!

gallery wall and home decor inspiration with our vintage style hand painted dominoes. use your family number (adults on top / kids on bottom) or just pick a favorite number! the possibilities are endless. they look great in a game room or playroom or just tuck one into your favorite display. #barnowlprimitives #gallerywall #homedecor

it was perfect! 

so of course, i shared it on instagram. and the response was crazy. within a week,   sean and I were making   dominoes by the dozens. and they were selling out as fast as we could list them.

customers were adding them to their gallery walls.  gorgeous gallery walls.

and their book shelves.  seriously.  this book shelf is to die for.  i die.  

and randomly placing them throughout their homes.  

 and sending me photos of their   dominoes with their little people. i mean. are you kidding me?  CUTE!

we even started playing games with them in the workshop.  because we could not resist.  

customers asked.  so we added  white dominoes, too!

it didn’t take long for people to ask for bigger dominoes. because, well, bigger is always better. so we added   large dominoes to the shop.

i love how desirée at   The 36th Avenue added this large domino to her DIY industrial shelves! it looks right at home, doesn't it?

then customers started asking for unique number combinations. to represent birthdays, anniversaries, favorite numbers.  we serioulsy have the most creative customers.  ever.  

becky from   farmgirlpaints chose 4 dots on top and 1 on the bottom.  the 4 represents her darling family and the 1 is for her pup!  can't forget those four legged family members!
now, let's talk about that chalkboard wall...i am in love!

kim from   The Tomkat Studio chose her family’s lucky numbers. i love the way she is displaying them in her beautiful home.

2014 was definitely the year of the   domino for barn owl primitives. who knew?

maybe it should have been my word for the year. can i choose a word for the year when there is only 2 weeks left?

want to add a domino to your home decor?  

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Code expires 2/14/2017

be sure to tag us on   intsagram @barnowlprimitives with your domino photos!  we love to see where you display them!

xoxo ~ kristi



Kristi Quill
Kristi Quill

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