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meet jessicandesign

December 17, 2014

wednesday is my day to share some things that i love and that are inspiring me. maybe a delicious recipe, an encouraging instagram feed, a great product, a new blogger, or one of my favorite shops.

today is a favorite shop day.

meet my great friend Jessica!

i love that the virtual world of blogging/small businesses brings together new friends. i am so happy to call Jessica from Jessica N Designs one of my friends! we met several years ago and it's been so fun to walk this creative journey with her.  she is crazy talented and has a great sense of humor…if you follow my facebook or instagram feeds you know that‘s super important to me!

check out this amazing homage to Home Alone!

i also love that her spoons, shirts, and mugs all have to do with coffee too. necter of the gods.

this spoon speaks to me.  and for me.  

and this t-shirt...

 yep.  my life.  on a t-shirt.  

and this gorgeous necklace! ah… love love love.

what doesn’t Jessica make?  crazy talented, i said.  i was speaking the truth.  

so i asked Miss Jessica to come over and say hello and let us know a bit more about her.

what inspired you to begin your shop?

It has been a dream of mine to own my own creativebusiness since I was a little girl! I was always making things when I was little! After my daughter was born I asked for a set of stamps for Christmas and the rest is history! 

what is your current fav product that reflects you as an artist/designer? 

Since Christmas season is in full swing, I would have to say my favorite is our  Merry Christmas ya filthy animal mug or spoon I designed this year! They really reflect mypersonality! 

pumpkin pie or apple pie?


if you had four consecutive hours of uninterrupted free time, what would you do?

Oh wow!! What a dream! Ha! I would probably brew some coffee top it with whipped cream, grab a blanket and catch up on my favorite shows. 

what are your favorite two blogs to follow?

Wow it's hard to choose just 2, but I find so much inspiration from Jess Connolly and Aspen Summit

one beauty product you can't live without? 

Eye Liner. I feel naked with out it! 

when do you do most of your "creating"? how do you carve out that time for yourself?

I have finally (after almost 5 years) developed a schedule that works for my family in this season of our lives. I work Monday-Wednesday from 9-3 and then a few hours on Fridays while my youngest daughter is a preschool. I try and take Thursday's off each week to rest and refuel! I have learned that nothing is set in stone, as the seasons of our lives change, my work schedule adjusts to fit. It is a constant change & adjustment. But I wouldn't give it up for anything! 

check out Jessica’s blog and shop to order some of her amazing products! and just for BOP readers, use code WELOVEBOP for 15% off your next order! yippie!



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