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be awesome today

December 22, 2014

a few years ago, my friend ashley asked me to take her family motto and paint it on a sign.  she wanted to hang the sign above their front door as a reminder to her family.  she wanted them to read it each time they left their home.  to encourage them to be their best selves.  


about a month later, i was surfing facebook and bumped into a post that someone had shared called being awesome.  something about it spoke to me.  moved me.  made me want to be my most awesome me.  

so i reached out to chrissy and asked her if i could send her a sign.   she told me that she couldn't accept anything for free.  so i asked her to join my mailing list.  because some months i would send postcards.  and some months i would send a sign.  it was a weird and fun mailing list.


the world was being incredibly awesome that summer.  it introduced me to an amazing  new friend.   chrissy and i have never met in real life.  but we chat every week. and we laugh together.  and we cry together.  because we laugh until we cry.  a lot.  and then i introduced ashley and chrissy.  so we can all laugh together.  and cry together.  we learn from each other.  we encourage each other.  and did i mention that we laugh together.  we laugh a lot.

so be your best self.  and encourage your family and friends to be their best selves.  hang one of our inspiring over the door signs above your front door.  our hand painted signs will be a gentle reminder to all who see them.  to keep trying.  to take risks.  to do good.  to be good.  

what message would you want to read each day as you leave your home and head out into the world?


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