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paper doll clothing co

January 07, 2015

happy new year!  we are kicking off our 'what's inspiring me today' series for 2015 with a fun interview!  i am so excited to share a new blog/shop with you today. have you heard of lindsay at paper doll clothing co?

she makes clothing for little ones with style and as she puts it, a little bit of attitude.

this tee is adorable!  the teacher in me loves it too! 

and this leader of the pack kids tee is just so cute.

and she's even got one for the mamas.

here she is! isn't she just the sweetest. hope you love her as much as i do!

 What inspires you? 

Successful people. I am so inspired by business owners that have made something from nothing. I draw so much inspiration from like minded people that share my drive to work for myself and be in control of my own destiny.

What is your current favorite product/ most recent post that reflects you as an artist? 

For the past 6 months, I have poured my heart and soul into starting my own clothing company, Paper Doll Clothing Co. So I'd have to say my mission to dress up America is my best reflection.

What is the best seller in your shop?

Our "Big hair don't care" child's raglan has been a hit across the board. 

Our holiday tees are always a crowd favorite too. So in love with our new "lovers" collection for Valentines Day. 


Okay. Share. Who are your must follows on Instagram? 










Just a few. ;) Go follow everyone of those gals and be inspired. 

Which household task do you wish you could “outsource?” 

Cooking. I don't love it. 

I wish my sixteen-year-old self knew... 

to love yourself first. My self esteem wasn't the best. Because of this, I make it a point to tell my 5 year old daughter how beautiful she is twice a day and always build her up and support her dreams. 

I can’t leave my house without my…

iphone. First world problems I know. 

I get the most frustrated when…

I don't get "ME" time. I crave it. It's good for the soul. 

and because this is my blog (wink, wink) what's your favorite BOP sign? 

"You are my sunshine" custom sign Kristi made for my daughters room when she was born. That was our "song" then and continues to be today. It's still hanging proud in her room. 


thanks so much, lindsay!  

and guess what?  lindsay is offering you FREE shipping.  today only.  so hurry over to her shop and snag a few of these darling tees for the little people in your life!  use code welovebarnowl at checkout!  yippie!

be sure to stop by her shop, instagram or Facebook and say hello.


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