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Gallery Wall Designs From Barn Owl Primitives

To us, family is everything. There’s nothing more important than the people you love, whether that’s blood relatives, friends who’ve become your kin or a mix of both. We love showing our adoration of and devotion to our family near and far with gallery wall designs.

What’s a gallery wall, you may be wondering? It’s a wall with several different pictures and signs on it, usually all devoted to a single theme, such as family or pets or anything else you love, which work together to create one large, personalized piece.

If you’ve been wondering how to build a gallery wall, we can help get you started with our unique farmhouse wall art. Boast about your brood with family name signs and family number signs that are completely customized to you. Then, tie the look together with a weather-worn heart or wooden arrow.

Here are a few gallery wall tips to keep in mind as you assemble your materials.


Gallery Wall Ideas

Your passions should drive the choices on your wall. Make sure they reflect you and your voice. Gallery wall signs and photos should be an extension of your personality, so pick things you connect with. A few possibilities include:


Build a Gallery Wall You’ll Be Proud to Show

Whether you use gallery wall kits or piece together your own unique gallery from photos, frames and accents that reflect your taste, have fun. This is a chance to showcase a bit of yourself and highlight the things you’re proudest of. Enjoy the process, take your time and for goodness sake, check out Pinterest for inspiration. Once you’ve begun, you may find your wall going in a direction you didn’t even expect — which is always the fun in designing.