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what inspiring me wednesday: Old New Again

April 01, 2015

another wednesday and another day to share another favorite shop of mine. i love Old New Again on etsy. liz and rick make the most adorable wooden letters, cursive words, and wall vases all made by hand in wisconsin!

i'm kind of partial to this one.  ;)


and how sweet would this be in a little nursery!


they also make cursive words and can do custom signs with any word you choose.


i'm really loving the industrial feel of these metal letters

so here is Liz in her own words. 


what inspired you to begin your shop?

My dad has been a full time artist since I can remember, so it is in my blood to create.  My brothers also support themselves through their wares.  Rick lost his job about five years ago, so we were able (and forced!) to really work at making a living out of it.


what was/ is the hardest part about being a small business owner?

TIME MANAGEMENT!  It’s so easy to get distracted.  We try to work on business only from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.  We do work a lot of weekends, but sometimes I have to force myself to just take a day off. 


who/ what inspires your design?

I love texture and color.  And my favorite material is wood.  I always seem to gravitate back to that.  Oh!  I am a big-time lover of fonts!  


what is your favorite custom order that you have designed?

We made a coral, silver and black bike piece for a customer who gave it to her daughter as a gift.  Her daughter has the same color bike and loves cycling.  Recently, this same customer contacted me and we are making a unicycle for her daughter now, too.  Her daughter just joined a unicycling team.

who are your top must follow designers (professional, bloggers, instagram, etc)?

I love Nie Nie and Tollipop.  


i love being part of the etsy community, what is your favorite etsy store?

Sushipot is probably my all-time favorite.  She is such a perfectionist and I love that about her.  Her art is amazing and there’s always something so fresh about it.  And her pics are so clean and wonderful.  Suzanne is taking a break right now but I'm looking forward to her coming back soon!


if you had four consecutive hours of uninterrupted free time, what would you do?

I’d work on my computer designing prints (coming soon!).  


when do you find time to make all your products?

Both of our girls are older (Molly, 21 and Samantha, 12), so we have the daytime to really focus on work.  Life is very hectic!  Owning your own business is a 24/7 deal, but we love it.


thanks for stopping by the barn, Liz!

and as a special gift for all my readers, use code BOP20 to receive 20% off your order! at Old New Againnow through April 15! happy shopping!

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