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Your Story #2: Rachel and Trust in The Lord

April 03, 2015

sometimes inspiration comes from a memory or an important phrase in someone else's life. my trust in the lord sign came to me as a custom order, with an amazing back story.

when i first received the request to make my trust in the lord sign, i received this note with the custom order:

This verse is so special to me! My grandparents LIVED by this verse! When my Grandfather served as a Glider Pilot during WWII, my Grandma typed this verse and sent it to him. He carried it with him every day, until he passed away in 2010 at the age of 94.


what a moving story for how words have inspired and encouraged someone! i've found that the bible has been a source of inspiration for many of my customers and have been honored to put these words on a sign to remind them of a truth, to encourage each reader who sees the sign, and to help them memorize it.


so, i was touched to receive an email from Rachel telling us why her trust in the lord sign was so important to her. here are her words:

We just moved into our home in June of last year, and still had tons of decorating to do and many empty walls to fill. You were running an Insta-Sale, and I happened to grab this beauty up. Not only is this one of my favorite Bible verses, but it really speaks to me. Every time I walk down my stairs, this is the first thing that I see. It reminds me to trust in God, no matter what, and that He will lead me to where I am supposed to go. So often we get caught up in the busyness of day to day problems, and fill our hearts with worrying over one thing or another, and this scripture verse takes that load off my shoulders and reminds me at all times to remember who is in control and to trust in Him.


thanks so much for sharing your story, rachel! and congrats! you just won a $50 gift certificate toward your next barn owl primitives sign. 

and we are going to reward Stephanie, the customer who brought us the original story, with a $50 gift certificate, too.   

if you have a BOP sign and want to share the story behind it, send a photo and story to us at


because words matter.

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