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March 30, 2015

we all have dreams and goals. we have lists of things we’d like to accomplish. some are little. many are big. some we write down. others we keep playing over and over in our mind. still others we keep tucked away in our heart. we want to lose 10 pounds. exercise regularly. save more money. land a new job. redecorate our bedroom. redesign our kitchen. plant a garden. we want to learn to be a better cook. repair a broken piece of furniture. mend a relationship. we want to build a better bond with extended family or reconnect with estranged friends.

we have lofty plans. and over flowing pin boards. we have lots of creative ideas. we carry things that weigh heavy on our hearts.

some people are risk takers.  some people are doers.  they make a plan and they dive in.  they don't worry about the outcome.  some don't worry at all.  they just do.  

but many don’t know where to begin. and not knowing where to begin can be paralyzing. so we keep planning. and pinning. and we hide our ideas from plan sight. status quo often seems much easier than change. and it appears to be safe. so we wait. 

taking those first few steps is scary. and sometimes risky. what if things don’t work out. what if we fail. but if we never try, we will never know. so we must begin. the beautiful thing about beginnings is that we can begin anywhere. we can define the path. and we can  set the pace. we decide on a budget. we create the schedule. but in order to create forward motion, we must begin.

inspired by this vintage road sign,

i painted this simple sign.


one little word. one little, but extremely powerful word.


my hope is that you will hang this sign somewhere prominent. somewhere that you will see it each new day. my hope is that this little word will inspire and motivate you to BEGIN.

to take the first step. and then the next first step. each day is a new beginning. it’s a new clean slate. so each new day is your fresh start.  you can begin right where you are. and if things don’t go as planned, don't worry.  you can BEGIN again, tomorrow.


just BEGIN.

what have you been putting off?  i challenge you to take that first step.  leave us a comment and let us know what you are going to begin today.  we would love to cheer you on and encourage you to begin.  

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