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20% OFF SALE: Kid's Room Collection

BOP understands a child's room is such a special place. A place where so many memories are born.

Over the years we have produced many designs that not only add a perfect finishing touch to your child's room but also memorialize principles and values they will cherish forever.

This week BOP is discounting our entire "Kid's Room" collection with a 20% OFF sale.

Just use discount code: Kids20

A Word From The Barn...

vintage inspiration - alphabet blocks

January 12, 2016

as an artist, i often draw inspiration from everyday objects when  designing new pieces for our shop.  

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being our best selves

November 20, 2015

our over the door collection started with a simple, yet powerful sign. over the last six years we have added many more designs to our collection. because these signs are powerful. and because they remind us about what's important. they encourage us to do and be our best selves. every day.

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