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Jennifer  1/16/15 - Go Into the World and Do Good
"I ordered this sign in Green Apple with Warm White letters - the color combo is perfect!
Everyday before my boys get on the bus to school I say to them "do good things, today" when I saw this sign I knew we NEEDED it! Thanks BOP for the wonderful addition to my home :-)"


Nicole 1/22/15 - Flashcard
"Oh my goodness. Another super cute and unique sign. This one is always a conversation starter when someone sees it displayed in my home. Thank you BOP for being the best at what you do! Even better in person!"  

LaurieM 1/4/15 - Psalm 126:3
"I have this hanging in my kitchen and it reminds me everyday of the goodness of the Lord. Quality workmanship, ready to hang out of the box. I will definitely be ordering others! Thank you for your faith based artwork!"                                                                                  

a confession and renewal
a confession and renewal

i have a confession to make. i'm sarcastic. in case you hadn't noticed. i love the motherhood is insane jokes, the rolling my eyes at my kids' antics, and i use the little emoji with the tongue and one crazy bug eye way too much. it's easier to be sarcastic than serious. easier to complain about motherhood, my lack of meal prepping skills, these ENDLESS snow days, and all the other stuff life throws at me. but that is not why i started this shop. that is not the meaning or purpose behind the signs i create here at barn owl primitives.Read More