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Did you ever think that essential oils were actually snake oils and the people who sell them....well, they are snake oil salesmen?  Yeah, me too!  

My name is Kristi Quill and it's very ironic that here I am, not only using oils but also selling them.  For years, people reached out to me offering me magic oils that would improve my mood, calm my nerves and help me sleep.  I politely declined and wrote them all off as a little bit hippie and a lotta bit crazy.  

In 2018, when one of my besties called and asked me to join her on an oily journey, I laughed out loud.   When I realized she was serious, I gathered myself, but once again politely declined.  

In October of that same year, I decided it was time to start focusing on a more healthy life style for myself and my family.  I joined a gym, changed our diet, and became more aware of the products that we were using in our home.  As I took these steps toward better health and wellness, I was drawn to the work my friend was doing guessed it....essential oils!  I was watching her live the life I was trying to create.  

In January 2019,  I bought my first starter kit from Young Living.  My one little word that year was BEGIN.  So I took the first step.  I entered with an open mind and a hopeful heart and I jumped in with both feet.  I was a believer but wasn't ready to actually share the oils with others just yet. Fast forward to May of 2020.  My friend, who kept leaving me little tokens about her business, called me once more.  And I just knew that the timing was right.  Stevie's shiny star was leading the way for me.    My only regret was not joining Ashley's oily tribe years earlier.  It's a magical place where women support women.  

Are you ready to join us on this health and wellness Journey?   We can't wait to link arms with you and walk this path together.  

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