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When you sign up for Young Living as a member (distributor/wholesale) you always have the option to sell, but never have to. However, the opportunity is always there if you change your mind!

If you ever want to get involved in the business, we have so many resources to guide you each step of the way including class scripts, product information, team calls, a thriving community of people across the globe, and so much more! We'd love to have you join our tribe and enjoy the fun!

You never have to hold stock, handle money, or ship anything - EVER. You get paid by Young Living directly, not by your friends and family. Did I mention you get a $50 thank you check every time a friend signs up?  Oh, yeah!  

It’s a common misconception that selling oils is a saturated market. Let me be the first to tell you: that’s totally false! There are so many unreached people that have never even heard of Young Living! There’s a place for you here.  Pinky promise!


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