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Handmade Wood Signs From Barn Owl Primitives

Have you ever noticed what a big deal signs are in popular culture? There are songs sung about them — we know, you’re going to have “I Saw the Sign” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

There are also movies made about them — remember M. Night Shyamalan’s spooky movie “Signs?” Then, there are street signs, astrological signs and sign-on bonuses.

We suppose you could say those are all a “sign of the times,” because people crave direction. Signs give it to them. Words matter, and that’s what we think about when we craft our signs.

We make them for different occasions, different rooms and different purposes. Whether you’re looking for handmade wall décor that inspires you or makes you reflect, we have a sign for that.

Many Choices of Hand-Painted Wall Décor

To help you find the sign that speaks to you, we’ve split ours into different categories. Each one offers the same high quality. They’re made from premium materials, worked on by multiple artisans and personalized to your desires. We hand paint every sign, so no two are alike — which we think is the coolest thing about them. They’re genuine works of art you can share with pride.

Here’s an overview of the categories of handmade wall plaques and signs we have for sale. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for — but you can always contact us if you want to talk about another type of sign:

  • Bop Littles. Smaller plaques under $35 in a variety of colors that make delightful gifts.
  • Christmas Signs. These whimsical, classic signs are all about the big bearded guy’s holiday.
  • Gallery Wall.Themed to complement a gallery wall, these signs are a gorgeous way to display your special family.
  • Hometown Heart. Sentiments celebrating the home, which are ideal for housewarming presents.
  • Kids’ Room. Perfect for kids, teens, tweens and kids at heart, reminding them to dream big and feel loved.
  • Kitchen Signs. For foodies, amateur chefs or just people who eat.
  • Metal Signs. Farmhouse-style metal signs we’ve collected to resell.
  • Motivational.Slogans to give you the kick you need to conquer.
  • Over the Door. Fun, inspirational signs for above doorways.
  • Under $50. A wide range of signs at low prices.
  • Seasonal. Messages for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter and, yes, Christmas.
  • Vintage Gears. Antique-style gears and signs.