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Build a Gallery Wall You’ll Be Proud to Show

Whether you use gallery wall kits or piece together your own unique gallery from photos, frames and accents that reflect your taste, have fun. This is a chance to showcase a bit of yourself with some custom accents from BOP!

Gallery Wall Ideas:

Your passions should drive the choices on your wall. Make sure they reflect you and your voice. Gallery wall signs and photos should be an extension of your personality, so pick things you connect with. A few possibilities include:

  • Accents: A rustic playing card or alphabet blocks that sum up your display, such as “Love,” can help convey the theme of your wall. We have accents in different shapes and colors to match any design.
  • Bundles: Bundles come pre-selected and include a number of smaller signs all focused on the same theme. For example, you might find a bundle of gears in different shapes or road signs in the same hue. Hang them together for a focal point in an industrial gallery wall or spread them around your photos for a more subtle approach.
  • Custom: See a sign or bundle you like but need a slightly different look or color? We can customize our signs to reflect the style of your design.

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