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go into the world and do good

This quote is a shorter version of the original: “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” Minor Myers Jr., the onetime president of Illinois Wesleyan University, uttered these words during an address on volunteerism.

I created these hand painted signs with this quote.  I wanted them to be simple. And direct. And much like the quote that inspired them, I wanted them to be powerful. I hoped that these words would speak to everyone that had the opportunity to read them. That they would remind them that they are responsible for their actions.  That they have control over the energy that they share with those they meet.

Hang them up in your home.  And give them as gifts.   Surprise a friend or loved one with a little inspiration.  

Kindness is contagious.

If we pour kindness out into the world, people will catch it! They will pay it forward and pass it on. 

Do something small today for someone else. Smile at a stranger. Bake cookies for your child’s teacher. Bring coffee to the crossing guard in the morning. Carry your neighbors paper up the driveway to their door. We can do this. We can do hard things.  Go into the world and do good.

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