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May 01, 2019 1 Comment

It's almost time to shower our amazing teachers with acts of kindness to show them how much we appreciate them!   Each year during the first full week of May we celebrate Teachers with Teacher Appreciation Week!  It's a great time to say Thank You and to express our gratefulness for their efforts to help mold and shape our children all year.   They work tirelessly to create safe and inviting environments in their classrooms where our kids can learn, grow and thrive.   So let's take the time to properly thank them for all their hard work all year!

I found these cute rainbow pencils at Michaels this week in the bins up front and I just knew I had to make a printable for them!  As you can imagine if you know me, I was drawn to the colors.  But when I realized that each pencil has an inspiring message...well, I was hooked!     

Pick up a few of these fun pencil packs, print out our free printable and surprise your child's teacher with this colorful gift next week!  

You can download your free printable here.   We printed ours on card stock, cut them out, punched a few holes and tied them on with some colorful twine.  You can also use some colorful washi tape as well.  

Check out our other great teacher appreciation printables here.

Thank you to all the teachers out there!  We are so very grateful for all that you do!!   


xo - kristi



1 Response

Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller

May 22, 2019

Such a cute idea! I love the matching printable (I love all your printables!) and I’m looking forward to your end of year one again!

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