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March 17, 2017 2 Comments

"Pop of Color" has been floating around since my mom was decorating with macrame. When decorating trends are fast and furious (thanks, Pinterest!) there is no budget that can stand boomeranging between mid-century modern to cottage chic and back again. Plus, if you're like me, you have to REALLY think these changes through, like sit-down-at-an-important-desk-with-a-plume-and-draft-the-plans, think it through.

The reality is that NOBODY has time for that. So. What to do so you don't end up accidentally hosting caftan parties in your rumpus room? (Not that there's anything wrong with that). The easiest solution is the tried and true "Pop of Color." In my case, I think you can tell that I have a deep and profound love for Robin Egg Blue. One look in my shop and you can see that the Robin and I go waaaaay back. It's a color that calms and centers and says "home" to me. I'd like to think I was ahead of the trend in the blue-greens, but maybe I spearheaded it?

There are SO many ways to include a Pop in your home without robbing an armored car. Some have a bigger impact than others.  We painted the door in our workshop to add some color and to brighten the space. 

Painting your front door in an accent color will give you immediate curb appeal.

Pop of Color - Robin Egg Blue Front Door

Your kitchen island is a great way to infuse color into your neutral decor.  


Adding a fun pop of color to your couch with a beautiful pillow is an affordable way to change things up.  


But its the little things that make a house a home, and those small things can be functional AND decorative, like this little beauty you can leave on the counter in perpetuity. 


This functional cart found a forever home in my studio; keeping my paints conveniently at arms length at all times.

This photo demonstrates the pop of color principle beautifully; this room is bright but otherwise perfectly neutral.


decorating with robin egg blue

So don't be afraid, look and see what color speaks to you and shine a spotlight on it; it will make you happy every time you enter the room....and who couldn't use a smile every now and then.
And if it turns out your signature color is Robin Egg Blue, like mine, I'm happy to share.
xo - kristi

2 Responses

Gail Ward
Gail Ward

May 01, 2019

What color and brand is the paint is The Robins egg bliue

Beverly Bernard
Beverly Bernard

July 02, 2017

Love all you do. I use robins egg all the time. What color is your door?? Beautiful ;-)

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