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October 02, 2019

Raise your hand if you are in need of some storage. Raise both hands if you love cute and easy DIY storage options. Today, I am sharing how to make a caned storage box with super simple steps and supplies.

Hello there!  This is Katie from Purely Katie blog.

I have been noticing lots of rattan and caning decor, so I thought I would create a storage box using the 70's inspired material. Because if you need storage it might as well be cool, right?!

I have styled the box with our new YOU ARE ENTIRELY UP TO YOU CALLIGRAPHY SIGN. This limited edition sign will help inspire and motivate all those who read it. It is perfect to place on a desk or shelf and this beautiful sign is sure to keep you going on the toughest of days.

Now, let's make the caned storage box!

Supplies (affiliate links included):

How To Make A Caned Storage Box:

Step 1: Start by measuring how much cane material you need to wrap around the paper mache box. I did take into account the overlap from the lid of the box. The caning is very thick and the lid will not fit over it.

Step 2: Lay the caning material flat and cut where you have measured. The material is rolled in a sheet so it does want to curl up on you. That makes it tricky to cut but easier to wrap around the box.

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun to attach the caning at the seam. Don’t overdo it on the glue, or it will seep out and become visible.

Just three simple steps, measure, cut and glue and you have a cute caned storage box. I am going to be putting the box in my office on my book shelf to store tape rolls. Or, I might leave it in the living room because it looks good on my coffee table.

I love the warmth and texture of the box and it adds so much to any space. What would you use a caned storage box for and where would you display it?

Make sure to pin the image below so you can save the instructions to make your own caned storage box later.

Thank you so much for letting me share my DIY Caned Storage Box tutorial.  It was a pleasure to be here on Barn Owl Primitives today!  I hope you stop by my blog, Purely Katie for more great recipes and easy DIY craft project ideas.

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