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don't quit your day dream

February 15, 2015

when barn owl primitives started at my kitchen table over five years ago, i had no idea what it would become.  all i knew was that i was creating and it felt good.  it filled my heart.  and it made me happy.

over the last five years, i've had some pretty high highs.  and some pretty low lows.  i've met some amazing people.  and i've made some great friends.  through it all, i've always tried to follow my dream.  to make original and inspiring high quality art pieces that are meaningful to others.  

last year, my husband resigned his executive position to join me on this creative adventure.  we have been working hard to make improvements to our processes and to create new opportunities for our company.  sometimes the necessary things are also the hardest things.  they require the most risk.  and change.  they make you uncomfortable.  and they can, at times, make you question what you are doing.  and why you are doing it.

through it all, we wanted to make sure we didn't forget to follow our dream.  without our dream, we have no purpose for our company.  

so i made this print for our studio.  because we can always use a pretty reminder.  

i think this print would be right at home in a craftroom, classroom, playroom, bedroom or boardroom, too. it's a meaningful reminder that our dreams do matter.  we must keep believing in our dreams and in ourselves.  we must never give up.  even if things get hard, we must never quit.  

what is your day dream?    maybe this print would be a great reminder for you, too.


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