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November 08, 2016

Hey, we have nothing against the newer trends (ahem, we see you Elf on the Shelf), but it may not surprise you that we’re bigger fans of the classic Christmas traditions. And, when you have kids, you get to relive all those holiday-themed activities you so adored growing up through a fresh set of eyes. This year, try not to get caught up in tracking down the must-have toy or if you should have that extra glass of eggnog (you should), but instead enjoy more family time, more cookies, and more merry-making. We’ve gathered some of our favorite family-friendly traditions that always make our Grinch-sized hearts grow three sizes:

Write Letters to Santa

While your older kids will prefer to just hand you a list of their desired items, a little one will take pleasure in handwriting a note to Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, so bring out the paper and red-and-green writing utensils and let them jot down their thoughts and wants.

Trim the Tree

It doesn’t matter if it’s a real fir or an artificial one, trees are meant to be trimmed by both little and big hands. Instead of cursing the tangled lights, turn on the holiday tunes and watch your kids marvel over their favorite ornaments and where to best place them on the tree. After the angel (or wreath, or star), finds her home on top, step back and admire yourgarland-lined masterpiece.

Sing Along to the Songs

Everyone knows the words to Rudolph, and guess who really loves to recite it? Tots — in fact, it’s likely one of the first songs they’ll learn. So, while you may never match your wee one’s enthusiasm for the tune, sing like it’s the first time you’ve heard it.

Count Down the Days Together

Get caught up in the anticipation as you count toward Christmas. This adorablemetal ball advent calendar will delight the boys and girls as you get closer to the most wonderful day of the year, while the grown-ups will appreciate the charming rustic touch.

Dream of a White Christmas

Snow can sometimes be a nuisance (the shoveling! The driving!), but for kids, the white, fluffy stuff is magical — it means snow days, sledding, snowmen, snow angels, snow forts… the list goes on. And to have snow-covered grounds on Christmas Day? That’s the literal icing on the figurative cake.

Live in a snow-free climate? Sprinkle some of these vintage snowflakes on your tree or in your little one’s stocking for extra whimsy. 

 Sit by the Fireplace and Drink Hot Cocoa

This activity isn’t reserved just for the illustrated pretend families on the front of Christmas cards. In today’s busy world, shouldn’t we all take a moment to just breathe and sip some chocolatey goodness?  If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still make the hot chocolate happen — bonus points added if you use funholiday mugs. 

Bake Cookies

Bring out your grandmother’s recipe, and tackle the measuring and mixing as a crew (these measuring spoons make it extra spirited). Whether you gobble them up yourselves or leave them for the big guy in red, cookies are the great equalizer — even your teens won’t be able to deny some sweet eats.

Listen for Santa’s Arrival

The sound of ringing sleigh bells outside of your children’s window while they drift off to sleep may excite them so much that they’ll wake up again… but, hey, it’s worth it for that one night when you see the smiles on their faces.

What traditions are we missing? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below or on our Facebook page! And however you choose to celebrate, we're wishing you happiness and good cheer! 

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