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12 Small Acts of Kindness That Can Have a Big Impact

November 14, 2016

When the world feels a little heavy, we’re big believers in the healing power of kindness — one small act can completely turn someone’s day around. Since it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, we’ve gathered a list of 12 easy-to-accomplish suggestions that’ll help you go into the world and do good.

1. Next time you’re going through a drive-through, pay for the person behind you. It’ll warm your soul even more than that latte you just bought yourself.

2. Buy a dozen doughnuts. With sprinkles. Leave them in the office break room with an anonymous, uplifting note.

3. Send or drop off colorful flowers to the local nursing home. Request the staff to deliver them to whoever’s day most needs brightening.

4. Make it a goal to compliment a stranger every day for an entire week.

5. Carry one of those mini umbrellas with you in your car or bag. On a rainy day, you’re almost guaranteed to spot someone who could use it.

6. Handwrite a thank-you note to someone you appreciate — not because they bought you something or attended your event — but because they’ve somehow made your life better just by being them.

7. Many shelters and nursing homes take donated books, DVDs, and CDs (just call in advance to confirm). You get to finally remove some clutter while simultaneously sharing something you enjoyed with a fellow community member.

8. Bake cookies or a pie (really, any delicious treat would do) for your neighbor.

9. Call your mom, dad, or whoever raised you to just say hello.

10. On the topic of moms: If you see one out there with a crying baby or tot, tell her she’s doing a great job. She likely doesn't think she is in that exact moment, so your words are that much more necessary.

11. Know that barista who remembersexactly how you take your coffee every single morning or that friendly check-out clerk at the grocery store whose line you always try to get in? Sing their praises to their manager.

12. Buy a card and a sheet of stickers, and send them to your niece, nephew, granddaughter, best friend’s son — basically, any little one in your life. It’s a known fact that pretty much all kids love getting mail, and stickers are only going to make it better.

And, don't forget to share your suggestions in the comments below! There's no limit to the amount of ways you can spread kindness.


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