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DIY Dreaming

July 15, 2015

sometimes it's just nice to be creative and get my hands dirty building something, painting something, designing something. anything really. i'm most comfortable with no make-up, hair pulled back, and paint everywhere.

i find that pinterest (which is a huge time suck for me) has me constantly saying "oh, i could totally do that." i don't get around to it really, but i could if i wanted to. just sayin'. 

so today. here are a few "i can totally do that" projects. 



drive thru car wash: if my little guy was small enough to ride a tricycle, this would be perfect! and it would keep him cool too. if you have littles, you MUST make this. 


and these stenciled tea towels. so easy! great way to add color in my kitchen. 


this one has me swooning. spray paint marble planters. now i would have to keep the plants alive, but she picked a cactus. anyone can handle a cactus right?


or these. i can bake. i should stick with what i'm good at. baking is good. eating baked goods is even better. ;)


what's on your "i can totally do that" list?

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