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what's inspiring me wednesday: aidie's hideaway

June 10, 2015

i love coming across new shops that sell adorable home decor that i can't make.
signs, painting... i got that. sewing cute bunting. um... not on your life.
but i love it so i must buy it.
my friend, andrea, at aidie's hideaway to the rescue!

she has so many cute bunting options for every decor style. i'm loving these ones right now:



i asked andrea to come by and tell us a bit about her shop. stick around because she's doing a giveaway too!


why did you begin your shop?

I would have to say it truly began shortly after having my daughter who is now almost 7 years old. After having her, my eyes were drawn to all things girlie and I decided I must teach myself how to sew. In addition to sewing her dresses, I began creating a large collection of hair bows and flowers. The shop evolved naturally and without any planning as more and more people began asking if they could buy my creations. I did my first boutique in 2010, which led to opening an online store that same day after nearly selling out at the boutique and customers asking if they could find my items online. In December of 2011, I created the first Aidie's Hideaway Garland and they were such a hit that soon after I had to phase out hair accessories and concentrate completely on garlands. While the shop was originally born out of my own desire to create for my daughter, it ended up providing me with an opportunity to earn an income while still being a stay at home mom and I couldn't be happier or more thankful for it!

what inspires you?

Being outdoors and in nature is inspiring to me above all other things. Nature's real and un-edited beauty never fails to amaze me. So many things about working in a garden, hiking on a trail, camping in the mountains, listening to waves crash, or staring up at stars make me realize and be so thankful that it was all created by our creator who then gave us all the desire to be inspired to create.

what is your favorite product that reflects you as an artist?

My favorite Aidie's Hideaway garland is the Wild Flower. It is one of the original designs I came up with and has been a top seller all along. I love having the creative freedom to pair flowers and colors together. It may be an actual "job" at this point in the journey, but doing what I do is so fun and even therapeutic for me.

who are your must follows on Instagram?

So hard to only pick a few! @littlemissmomma @unveiledwife and @smileandwave 


just for fun, if you could only have one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don't think I can choose between pizza and tacos ;)


what is one beauty product you can’t live without?

my eyelash curler


shout out to small business owners... what's your favorite etsy shop?

Grace & Salt, Printed Palette and the Lovely Words


what is your fav room in your home and why?

My favorite room would be our Family room. We moved into this home last summer and we love how open it is and the family room sits right in the middle of the home with the kitchen open on one side and a wall of sliding doors that spill into the back yard on the other side. In addition to loving the layout, it's where we spend the most time together as a family. It's pretty common to find all four of us piled together on the couch snuggled with blankets watching a movie or baseball game.


thanks to andrea for stopping by the barn.
head over to our instagram feed this afternoon where we will be giving away one of her wild flower gardens! woo hoo!

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