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window shopping on etsy

April 15, 2015

a few years ago when i started barn owl primitives with a shop on Etsy, i had no idea how it would change my life.  it's introduced me to so many wonderful, creative people.  people who do what they love, and love what they do!  

do you ever click over to etsy and hours (!!!) later realize you've "favorited" a couple dozen must-have items? i do it ALL. THE. TIME. so today i thought i would share with you a few of the shops and things i'm loving on etsy. virtual window shopping style. ;)

so enjoy. browse. click. buy something pretty if you love it. i will probably do the same.

the wheatfield

katie is sooo talented. swooning over these prints. seriously.

firedaughter clothing

sassy. cute. what's not to love? might make me want to work out more. maybe. ;)
and samya is the sweetest gal you will ever meet.  she is such an inspiration and i'm lucky to call her a friend!  

M.D. Quality Goods

vintage signs. original one of a kind eclectic home décor items. so amazing.  john has an amazing eye and his shop will absolutely captivate you.  

don't buy the one i want, okay? i'm saving my pennies.

melissa lyons art

this girl has serious talent. she paints from her soul and she captures the beauty in our everyday.  she offers gallery wrapped canvas pieces and prints.

and be sure to stop by boutique 419 ~ where you can buy one of her original paintings! 

melissa and i text and call each other often.  we share ideas, offer inspiration and encourage each other.  it's so wonderful to have a friend that gets what you do.  and why you do it.  and that shares tips on how to clean up paint! ;)

which one is your favorite?  leave us a comment and share your favorite Etsy shops with us so we can shop them, too.


xo ~ kristi

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