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window shopping wednesday {2}

April 22, 2015

my list of things to buy on etsy is getting bigger! so i'm keeping up with my new series of window shopping wednesday. have you visited any of these shops lately?


the old time junk shop

tim has a great eye for finding treasures. i want about half of his shop. no joke. if you have been looking for vintage numbers or letters, he has tons. check it out!

midwest finds

oh mason jars, how do i love thee! this site has so many pretty colors too! i need one of each please.

vintage silver lining

there is an obvious vintage theme going on today. amber has a ton of pieces to choose from including more letters, numbers, and even some great vintage textiles. love the pretty colors!

lovintage finds

kathy has a great eye. her shop doesn't have a ton of items in it, but what pieces she does have are quality and go fast. and with over 18,000 admirers - i'm not the only one loving her shop.


hope you find something you love too! 

have a favorite shop on Etsy?  share a link in the comments so that we can take a look!  happy wednesday!

xo ~ kristi

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