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farmgirl paints

February 02, 2015

so this is my what i love wednesday post and, yes, i know it's monday.
i'm an overachiever this week. {wink, wink}

i met Becky from Farmgirl Paints a few years ago on instagram.  

i can't remember exactly how i found her feed, but i was instantly drawn in.  
she's a virginia girl.  she LOVES barns.  and she paints.  our friendship was meant to be!

her paintings are so inspiring and unique.  

but her cuffs.  her cuffs speak straight to your soul.  

since becky hand stamps her customers personal messages on each cuff, it's like you are listening to a choir sing.   becky is the conductor.  she brings each message to life.   
but if open your heart and you listen close, you can hear the courageous voices of each of her amazing customers.
each cuff shares a heart.  a mind.  a triumph.  a struggle.  a goal.  a dream.  a fear.
each cuff speaks truth. love. and hope.  it's music.  beautiful music.

her studio is a dream.  you can't help but be inspired in there.  
it's full of color.  vintage goodness.  and life.  lots of colorful life.  


i hope you love Becky as much as I do.


when and why did you begin your shop?

I began my shop in 2009. I loved to paint and started blogging so I could share my art. I figured after I had a little following I would open an Etsy shop. I was terrified. Putting yourself out there, especially creatively feels very vulnerable. I started with a few original paintings and then progressed into some glass jewelry. It wasn't until I signed up for a metal stamping class and then figured out how to make leather cuffs from thrifted belts that it really took off. I'd never seen anything like that at the time. I felt like a pioneer woman...charting new territory. I remember asking my blog readers if they would buy something like that. There was a resounding YES :)

 when does inspiration strike you the most?

I love music. It just reaches right into my soul and God uses it to whisper to me. I usually listen when I'm at the gym, so I guess I get inspired when I sweat! I text myself daily with words/ideas that come to me. If I don't write it down it's gone forever.

what is your fav product that most reflects you as an artist?

Hmmmm that's a hard one because I not only stamp and make custom cuffs, I paint, and painting directly feeds my soul and gives me a high like no other. I love both! I like painting more, but I LOVE love LoVe the cuffs we make:)

 what is your fav room in your home and why?

My art studio is my favorite room. It's tucked away in the back of our basement. It has a window and streams with light. My husband made a floating door desk for me and I have all my painting/craft supplies in there along with my bible and books that inspire me. My guitar, June, is in there too. I'm learning to play. It's my nurture room. The room that beckons me to tap into all the gifts God has given me. I think it's so important to feed that side. If we do nothing but work we'll dry up. It's imperative that we take time to rest, play and grow. Ultimately becoming who He's called us up to be, so we can spill out onto others and be used by Him! That's my desire anyway...

who are your fav IG feeds to follow?

I have so many real life friends I've met through blogging or on Instagram. I won't mention them, because I can't bear to forget/leave one of them out. I love following "etst"! I wish we were neighbors. Her pictures inspire me. I always have to check in with "dailydougie". It's an Instagram feed of nothing but a shitzu. I have a shitzu and seriously this one is THE custest. The captions are smart and hilarious. He always makes my day. I love "littlecoal". He lives in NW Ohio and his feed is pure eye candy. In awe over his skill.

what is the most recent book that you have read? do you recommend it? if so, why or why not?

Oh goodness at this very moment I have at least a dozen books on my nightstand. I'm one of those that reads five at one time. Outlander ...a friend recommended it. I'm still on the fence if I like it or not. It's tiny print. And it's a little slow, but I keep holding on that it will get better. I've got "Yes, Please" by Amy Poehler. She's funny and I love to read about people's journeys. It's pretty good. There are also some Pacific Northwest travel guides and some children's books that I'm currently pouring over the illustrations... Whatever inspires right:)


Becky's cuff shop is occasional.  meaning she only opens a few times a year.  
so you need to be in the know.  follow her on instagram.  sign up for her newsletter.  read her blog.  

her shop opens today at 8:00 am EST and closes on Friday February 6th at 6:00 pm EST.  

she won't be open again until the end of May, so plan ahead.  
Easter.  Mother's Day.  Graduation.  Monday.  Wednesday.  Friday.  
seriously, every day deserves a beautiful cuff.

she often shares coupon codes on her blog, so hop over and then get your cuff shopping on! 

i'm still trying to decide what to have stamped on my cuff this time.  some of my own personal favorites are: 

  • trust the journey
  • make it count
  • live with intention

what message will you have stamped on your cuff?

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