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a confession and renewal

January 28, 2015

i have a confession to make. 

i'm sarcastic. in case you hadn't noticed. i love the motherhood is insane jokes, the rolling my eyes at my kids' antics, and i use the little emoji with the tongue and one crazy bug eye way too much. you know. this one:

it's easier to be sarcastic than serious. easier to complain about motherhood, my lack of meal prepping skills, these ENDLESS snow days, and all the other stuff life throws at me. but that is not why i started this shop. that is not the meaning or purpose behind the signs i create here at barn owl primitives.

i started this shop to inspire, encourage, and build up people.  my fellow moms in the throws of diapers, endless laundry, and dinner.  families struggling to make sense of hard times. i wanted people to send their family off to school and work with messages of encouragement and grace.  i hoped that i could paint words in such a way that they would speak to all who read them.  

but, like most people, i like attention. on facebook and instagram, i get FAR more comments on my sarcastic posts than my uplifiting ones. i naturally lean toward the comedic side of life and that is good, but i don't want it to define me.  or more importantly, my business.  

so, that's my confession. my name is kristi and i'm sarcastic. but my goal is to push forward with the meaningful, this-is-what-life-is-all-about stuff even if i don't get as many comments or bug-eyed emojis in return.  i'll sprinkle in some funny when appropriate.  or needed.  but it's time to be vulnerable.  to get back to what got me here in the first place.  to lean in and make a difference.  

it might be hard, but i can do hard things.

what hard things are you doing today?  

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