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never never never give up cuff

Never Never Never Give Up Cuff

Sometimes a positive reminder is all we need to keep going and to never give up.  Ever.

At BOP we have built a business making words matter.   We are so excited to introduce our newest line, Wearable Words.  We have partnered with an amazing maker and are honored to share their inspiring designs with you.  These handcrafted pewter cuffs are the perfect daily reminder that you can wear on your wrist.   It's like tying a string around your finger, but so much cooler.

Pewter is a soft, pliable metal.  Do not pinch, twist or open too wide.  Take care when fitting the cuff to your wrist.   
  • Recycled lead-free pewter
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Product ships in 5-7 days