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Handmade Virginia State Wood Cutouts for Display in Your Home

Virginia is for … you thought we were going to say lovers, didn’t you? Well, it is a great place for people to explore when they’re in love, as the state tagline encourages, but it’s also a wonderland for surfers, history buffs, students, nature devotees and skiers. Anyone, really, can find something to enjoy about Virginia. It’s a coastal state that’s home to Colonial Williamsburg and Luray Caverns. Soak up Southern culture in Richmond or watch the outstanding women’s basketball team at Liberty University in Lynchburg. You’ll never run out of things to do.

Speaking of heart, we can add a heart to our wood Virginia sign to depict your favorite city, placing it wherever that spot is located in the state outline. You can choose from northern Virginia locations such as Ashburn, Leesburg and Fredericksburg, where Civil War history runs deep. Or commemorate a trip to Charlottesville and your journey to see Monticello, where Thomas Jefferson lived from the age of 26. We’ll add any town you choose.

We make each one of our signs by hand. We enjoy the process of connecting with the wood, to make each wood state sign unique. No two are exactly alike — and that’s how art should be, right? We love the slight imperfections in the wood we use, which make it even more “real.”

Our signs make wonderful gifts if you have a fellow lover of Virginia in your family or circle of friends. Does your child’s teacher hail from VA? Get them a Virginia outline sign. Buy one for your boss who went to the College of William & Mary. Tell your spouse you really want a Virginia sign to remind you of the honeymoon you spent at Virginia Beach all those years ago. You can’t go wrong with something that depicts a state someone loves. Buy your Virginia wooden cutout today, and maybe send us a postcard next time you’re at the beach.