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Tote Bags




Handmade Canvas and Leather Tote Bags from Barn Owl Primitives

The old expression “wear your heart on your sleeve” is wrong, in our opinion. We prefer wearing our hearts on our bag. Bags are the real window into a person’s soul. You can tell so much about them based on what type of bag they choose, whether it’s a tote or a small travel bag. The color of the bag, the size, the design — they all reflect on the person holding it. That’s why it’s important to find a bag that conveys your personality. The right bag will seem natural and made for your hand.

That knowledge has inspired us to stock a wide selection of bags that appeal to every taste. They have the same rustic appeal as so many of our home goods, and these handmade tote bags also have been fashioned from the finest of materials.

They have a timeless design that won’t go out of style, which makes them an investment. Most importantly, they’re comfy to carry. Who wants to heft around a bag that’s digging into your shoulder or leaves you hunched over for hours nursing a sore back from an unbalanced load? Certainly not us — or anyone we know.

Toss One of Our Travel Purses in Our Fabric and Leather Tote Bags

Since we offer different sizes of bags, you can always mix and match them to come up with the cutest combos. For instance:

  • Pair a large satchel with a small tote at the beach
  • Store a small travel bag in the large front pocket of a big canvas tote
  • Start a themed collection of bags, such as our bicycle-themed ones
  • Make a like-with-like match by picking two bags featuring similar sentiments, like the star tote and confidence travel bag

C’mon, Live a Little: Handmade Tote Bags for a Look That’s Truly You

Why not have fun with your accessories? Maybe it’s time to let loose with a bag that describes your personality and makes you walk just a bit taller when you carry it around.

And, if you’re looking to inspire yourself and the world, we can’t think of a better message to give off to everyone than “love.” It’s a central theme for many of the items we carry, including some of our totes, and we think it’s the most important thing in life. As a wise man once said, “All you need is love.” We believe him.