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State-Shaped Wood Signs From Barn Owl Primitives

Home is where the heart is — that’s more than just an expression. It’s something we truly feel. We love going out into the world and meeting people and seeing new places, but we’re never more comfortable and relaxed than when we’re on our home turf. We show our true selves at home, and that’s also where we find the people we love the most. Quite often, home is also where close family lives, and there’s nothing more important than that.

Smart people throughout history agree with us, which is why there are so many wonderful quotes about home.

“Where we love is home.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. inspired us to create personalized state wall art that allows you to show off where you love. While all 50 states are available, we also offer a map of the USA if your heart is in more than one location. Buy these custom wooden state cutouts for thoughtful anniversary gifts, unique housewarming gifts, or as a beautiful finishing touch to a family gallery wall.


Our Customized State-Shaped Wooden Plaques

Speaking of “where the heart is,” we customize our wooden state wall art with a small heart placed right over the location of your hometown, making this meaningful sign even more special. You will be reminded every day of your hometown pride, and you’ll enjoy sharing a mini-geography lesson with any out-of-state friends who come to visit.

We handcraft each one of our state cutout signs for you. That means you can customize them however you like:

  • Maybe you grew up in the western part of the state but later moved east. We can add two hearts to your state-shaped sign to signify your dual homes.
  • Perhaps you and your spouse met in one city and moved to another. We reflect your love story with as many place-marking hearts as you need.

We put care into every sign we make. We use high-quality materials so your sign looks refined. Our artisans handpaint our designs and put loads of of attention into each one. We’re proud to attach our name to these signs — and you’ll be proud to display them in your house, reflecting your love of country and your hometown.

Hang out Your Own Hometown Heart

At the end of the day, home is the place we long for. Whether you make your home in the country or the city, the north or the south, the beach or the desert, you know what makes you happy. We salute your love of home and all the things that make you comfy, cozy and maybe a little crazy, because that’s a part of home life, too.