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New York

Show Your Love for New York With a Wood State Outline Sign

New York is an amazing place, whether you’re talking about New York City or the towns and cities that populate the rest of the state. It’s little wonder people keep writing songs about it, setting movies there, writing books in which it drives the plot and saluting it in one form or another since basically the dawn of modern America.

We admit — we couldn’t resist adding our own salute, in the form of a wood state sign sporting a New York outline. Made by hand and customized for each buyer, this sign depicts New York in a way you can display on your wall. You can let everyone know your affection for your favorite state.

We can add a small heart cutout in the location of your favorite city, too, so you can show where your own heart is. Perhaps your place is Buffalo, home to dozens of art galleries, or Saratoga Springs, where suffragettes famously flocked in the 1800s. We’ll put any city you like on your sign.

We offer a range of wooden state cutouts, including New York and 49 other states, for those who feel a close kinship to location. They make the ideal gift for someone who lived in NYC for years and still misses the bustle of the city, or for a person who attended college there and remembers those days fondly. You may still live in New York and want to get one for yourself. The reasons for buying a wood New York sign go on and on — kind of like the list of delis you can hit up at midnight in the city.

Go ahead — buy a New York sign today. It’s a fun way to demonstrate your fondness for the state, and maybe it will even inspire you to take a trip back if you haven’t returned for a while.