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Handmade Motivational Signs from Barn Owl Primitives

We are huge believers in the power of positive thinking. Our own experience as small business owners has taught us if you believe it, you can achieve it. We think words are incredibly important, and we surround ourselves with everyday reminders of what we can do when we have the right tools combined with the right attitude.

That’s led us to produce a number of wood motivational signs to inspire others in that same vein. We love coming up with new phrases and credos aimed at encouraging people do their very best. Sometimes all it takes on the worst of days is seeing a sign with a can-do message to remind you you’re capable of amazing things.

And when you have a family, the power of those optimistic messages can’t be overstated. Kids thrive when they know someone believes in them. Being surrounded by reassuring sentiments in print each day is a gentle reminder of their potential — and it sure doesn’t hurt for adults to see them, too, maybe when they get nervous before a big presentation at work or a parent-teacher event.

How to Incorporate Motivational and Inspirational Quote Signs into Your Décor

Here are a few ways we’ve seen motivational signs used to ramp up a room’s design:

  • Above doorways, as a reminder to always look ahead
  • On enclosed porches, to inspire and amuse
  • In studies, for when focus is of the essence

Signs That Make You Smile and Nod

Whether you’re decorating a new home or updating the décor in your existing one, motivational signs can be the perfect complement to your project. Many of our signs speak to specific situations we’ve encountered in life, like hard times when we needed an extra nudge. We funnel these memories and experiences into our signs. We know we’re not the only ones who occasionally struggle with sadness or self-doubt — we’re all human, after all.

We like to think our signs provide a daily reminder to stay positive and remember all the wonderful things you’ve already done in life. Add one to your home to stay positive. Remember, you’re always worth fighting for.