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Wood Kitchen Signs from Barn Owl Primitives

The kitchen is the coziest part of the home. Whether you have a sleek, modern kitchen or one that’s country shabby-chic, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time there. It’s the place we gather to make food that nourishes the body and soul, the area we congregate in to do homework or pay bills, the room that gives off all those inviting and oh-so-tempting smells, such as coffee brewing or bacon sizzling. It’s hard to overstate how much we adore our kitchen because it’s the heart of our house.

Looking to add some flavor to the wall decor in your kitchen? Set the table with a buffet of home signs that were just as carefully crafted as that delicious meal you’re about to serve. Our wooden signs with sayings set the tone with your dinner guests.

They’re conversation starters and unique pieces of art. Our personalized kitchen signs can convey a lot about your family beyond their favorite meal. Kitchen sign décor can be a fantastic way to personalize your kitchen without overthinking it. When you add one of our funny, feisty or heartfelt signs to your décor, you make the kitchen truly yours.

Rustic Kitchen Signs Suitable to Every Taste

Between cupboards and appliances, kitchens have limited wall space. You must use those limited opportunities wisely with a few choice words that relay your family values.
In addition to displaying our signs in the kitchen, you can also use them in:

  • Dining rooms: A cute sign about eating can tone down an otherwise overly formal room.
  • Hallways: Signs about conversation and appetite make a great gateway from the living to dining room
  • Laundry rooms: We’ve even tossed in a few laundry-related signs to hang above your washer

Country Kitchen Signs to Show the Essence of Your Family

We’ve been inspired by so many different things to make our signs. Sometimes it’s a phrase we spy on the back of an old barn while driving through the countryside. Other times it’s something our kids say that draws a laugh — we have to jot it down to make sure we remember! Or it may be a family recipe or an old prayer we remember from growing up.

All of our signs are personal and carry great meaning because we think that’s what belongs in a house. Let us help you find the décor that reflects your values and ideals — and looks good doing it.