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Industrial Gear Wall Art from Barn Owl Primitives

The industrial look could not be cooler. It involves decorating a space, usually a large, open area, in the style of an old warehouse or factory, where products were once created en masse. The industrial look incorporates everyday items, reimagining them with different purposes to give the room a modern but not overly sleek vibe. The room should scream “utility” and “recycled.”

A great way to bring this unique look into your home is with our industrial-style wall décor and metal wall art. We offer a variety of choices that will kick your decorating into high gear, so to speak, when you buy actual gears. By using wood with whimsical imperfections, such as knots and bumps, our signs achieve the shabby chic vibe that helps them belong perfectly in an industrial space.

Explore a Vintage Look with Gear Wall Hangings and More

Some people worry about trying a new style such as industrial because they’re not sure whether they can pull it off or if the look will come together as it does in the design books. We say — just give it a try. Home design isn’t about finding perfection. It’s about blending together styles you enjoy and experimenting to find the right interpretation for your home.

Here are a few ideas you can try with our gear wall décor:

  • Hang different-shaped gears in a grouping on a wall, interspersed with photos for a gallery-type look.
  • Make a table with gears and another industrial-style item of your choice. A few ideas we love — metal chairs, rusted pens and vintage clipboards.
  • Arrange the gears so they make a big X on the wall
  • Put an old wood toolbox beneath a bunch of gears and lean a few tools against the wall

Express Yourself with Gear Wall Hangings

Ultimately, your house should be about exploring your personality. Trying new décor ideas offers a fun way to do it. We love making these gears because we can indulge our creativity — with sizing, with color, with style and more. We encourage you to do the same. Go places you never imagined. “Gear” up for something different. Have fun. And show us what you’ve done, because as artists, we’re always looking for inspiration.