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Handmade Seasonal Home Décor from Barn Owl Primitives

Aren’t holidays the best? There’s just this special feeling in your stomach when you wake up. You know it’s going to be a fun-filled day, brimming with family, elaborate meals and happy time spent relaxing. Nothing hangs over your head because everyone’s partaking in holiday cheer. No matter what the season — winter, summer, fall or spring — a special holiday is always around the corner, whatever your faith or creed.

We take special joy in coming up with our seasonal signs. They put us right in that joyous holiday mindset. It can be 100 degrees in August with sweat pouring off our brow when we step outside, but when we start making fall and Thanksgiving signs, we can almost smell the pumpkin pie and turkey.  

Don’t You Love Pulling out Your Handmade Seasonal Décor?

It’s always a time to celebrate when you transition to a new season of decorating. Whether you’re going from Easter eggs to Independence Day stars or from harvest signs to Christmas ones, that little ritual brings in itself the comfort of familiarity.

Our décor can play a neat role in that seasonal changeover. We offer:

  • Summer wood signs: Choose from plaques celebrating happy summer pursuits such as eating ice cream, watching fireworks or visiting the farmers market.
  • Fall wood signs: Pick a Halloween- or Thanksgiving-themed sign with colors that bring to mind the bountiful fall harvest season.
  • Winter wood signs: Grab snow or Christmas signs of all different colors and themes, including more subtle ones that quote a few words or a phrase from favorite holiday songs.
  • Spring wood signs: Select a sign with bright spring colors detailing all the fun outdoor activities of the season or hailing the return of the Easter bunny.

Enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Any Time of the Year

Christmas doesn’t have a lock on “most wonderful time of the year.” Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s always a reason to be merry and bright. Deck your halls with signs rejoicing in the arrival of whatever holiday is on the horizon. Share that joy throughout the year.