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Vintage-Inspired Home Décor at Barn Owl Primitives

There are a lot of amazing things happening in the present time: Instagram. Coffee that brews in an instant. Overnight shipping. “Tiny House” marathons on HGTV.

But when we’re looking for home décor, we’re always pulled to the past. We adore the vintage look. It stirs something inside us that speaks to the quaint and cozy look we love. Weathered tin, knotty pine, gingham patterns — these are the styles we want around our home.

If you are similarly enthralled with the sort of primitive home décor you’d find in a farmhouse, you’ll love the handcrafted home goods we carry. From the quirky to the kitschy, we have unique accessories and collectibles that will give your modern home a vintage feel. We only sell high-quality items we’d be comfortable displaying in our own home, and sometimes it’s all too tempting to keep some of these cute pieces to ourselves — but we’re willing to share.

How to Get the Most from Your Barn Owl Primitives Home Décor

Now maybe you have a home that’s a little more contemporary. Nonetheless, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with our adorable camping bunting flags, antique-style desk caddy or gently rusted metal bins — because who wouldn’t. But you’re probably wondering whether you can incorporate this rustic home décor into your house without clashing.

Good news. It can be done. What we love about vintage style is that it goes with anything, and a little goes a long way. Here are a few ideas to help you get started, but be sure to check out our Pinterest for more:

  • Focus on the walls: A few distressed decorations on the walls can soften your style.
  • Emphasize contrasts: Great designers know that squares offset circles and black balances white.
  • Play with color: Bold, bright colors work for both vintage and modern design.

Best of Both Worlds: Modern Technology and Rustic Handcrafted Home Décor

Home decorations should turn your surroundings from a house into a home. They’re the things you want to be around, that tell your family’s story and even relay your own values.

Someone who puts a weathered heart on their wall has to be a bit sentimental, while a person with stoneware measuring cups values things that are pretty and practical. Find out a bit about yourself by looking through our vintage home goods and discovering what appeals to you — and then give thanks that modern technology allows you to order antiques right from your smartphone!