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BOP & Mudlove: Water = Life

Water = Life

The decision to partner with MudLOVE was two fold. They're artisans just like BOP who are passionate about producing quality products and recognize the power of words. Moreover, their mission to donate a portion of their proceeds to Water For Good struck a cord with us.

Every Mudlove product you purchase from BOP provides one week of safe, clean water to someone in need. All of this is made possible through Water for Good and its continual work to transform one of the world’s most neglected countries, the Central African Republic.

Why water?

Right now, about 663 million people lack access to clean water. That’s more than twice the entire population of the United States! Water is the first step out of extreme poverty. It is estimated that women and children spend 140 million hours each day collecting water.

Can you imagine going for one week without access to clean water? A week of safe, sanitary water changes things in a big way for entire communities. Women have time for jobs and family care. Children can attend school, avoid preventable diseases, and live longer, happier lives.

Why the Central African Republic?

After the last few years of war and chaos, the Central African Republic is desperate for basic necessities and recognition by the rest of the global community. The United Nations ranks the C.A.R. 185th out of 187 countries on its Human Development Index. With an average life expectancy of only 50-52 years old, there is a lot of work to be done to improve the situation.

Why Water for Good?

Water for Good is the only well-drilling operation in the entire country of the C.A.R., and they believe in solving the water crisis for good. Based on this long-term goal, they've implemented a well maintenance program that shows villages the importance of maintaining their new water source. Communities are taught how to finance the repairs on their own water pumps. This keeps the clean water flowing forever!

Your Impact

Since MudLOVE began we've been able to give over $350,000 from your purchases to support the work of Water for Good. View the map below to see the impact Water for Good is making towards ending the water crisis in the C.A.R. – enabled, in part, by your purchases.