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July 06, 2016

One of the best parts of vacationing is the opportunity to unplug and head outdoors, as you never know what you’re going to find when you allow yourself time to wander and explore.

Here at the Barn, we truly believe this, which is why we frequently find ourselves walking along the Potomac shorelines during trips to our family’s river house. This past Fourth of July weekend, we came across quite the fascinating find while beach combing:  prehistoric shark’s teeth.

Traditions and Discoveries at the River House - sharks teeth

Nestled between George Washington’s birthplace and Robert E. Lee’s family home, the river house is in the prime location for such historic discoveries thanks to its proximity to the Stratford Cliffs. According to theStratford Hall website, the compacted sea matter within The Cliffs dates back approximately 10 to 17 million years – meaning it chockful of oldies but goodies. In order to preserve the site, folks are not allowed to mine, but lucky locals and tourists who keep their eyes peeled while strolling along the water may come across fossilized remains washed out from The Cliffs.

Traditions and Discoveries at the River House

For more than 45 years, our family has been among those scouting along the Potomac. As a child, I used to search the shorelines at George Washington’s birthplace with my parents and grandparents. Since beachcombing is no longer allowed at that particular spot, I try to carry on the tradition by letting Maddie and Connor explore the beach at Stratford Hall. The duo has a blast running along the rocks at the water’s edge, looking for teeth and sea glass.

Traditions and Discoveries at the River House - sea glass and sharks teeth

In the past, our loot has also included arrowheads.

Traditions and Discoveries at the River House - arrowheads

However, there’s still no reward quite as sweet as the shark teeth. While they used to be plentiful and easy to find, they are now increasingly difficult to spot, making the hunt that much more fun.

Traditions and Discoveries at the River House - sharks teeth

We’d love to hear about any cool discoveries you or your crew has come across during your own adventures, as well as traditions you enjoy at your own family vacation home – comment below, and share your stories or join the discussion on Facebook and share your photos too!

happy hunting!  

xo ~ kristi


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