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March 27, 2017

Spring is almost here. Congrats! We’ve survived the winter doldrums, and we’re ready to head into spring full steam ahead. But we’re holding off on that spring cleaning list – at least for now. We didn’t really want to do it anyway, did we? We can get back to the list soon, but for now, we’re making things fresh again with spring decorations for the home. It’s the perfect way to wake up our decor from the sleepiness of winter. From our handmade Barn Owl Primitives décor to DIY spring decorating ideas, we have the ideas you need to fully embrace the warmth and brightness of spring.

Add Touches of Nature

nature spring decor

Nature comes alive in spring. You finally see green grass peeking up at you, buds on trees and birds flitting around your home. Bring those pieces of nature inside your home for easy everyday decor or spring party decorations. Nature-inspired décor works well because it naturally has the rustic look we love.

Try these home décor projects to inject a bit of nature into your décor:

  • Make a flower-filled umbrella door decoration. Start with a vintage-style umbrella — it gives a rustic look to the piece. Tie a spring-inspired ribbon part way down the umbrella. Hang the umbrella by the handle so it hangs upside down. Tuck silk tulips into the umbrella, letting them stick out above the top edge.
  • Decorate a plain wooden picture frame with real twigs. Paint the unfinished wood frame dark brown. Find several thin twigs, and break or cut them to roughly the same length as the sides on the frame. It’s okay if some twigs hang over a bit. Hot glue the twigs along all four front sides, layering them. Hot glue a few flowers, artificial moss or other natural accents on one or two of the corners.
  • Add real or silk plants to your décor. We love vining plants. They look perfect hanging over the edge of a container. Speaking of container, our distressed flattened door bucket is an ideal option to consider. The bucket is perfect for a door display to greet guests, but it works just as well indoors hanging on a wall or interior door.
  • Pay homage to our feathered friends of spring with these singing bird round mirrors. Hang this mirror for a subtle hint of nature. The mirrored surface reflects light in your space, making it brighter and more spring-like.

Brighten Neutrals With Pops of Color

pops of color spring decor

Pops of vivid color are perfect for the spring season, but you don’t need to grab a can of lime green paint and cover every wall in your home. An easier way to bring color into your space is by adding pops of color against neutral walls and furniture. It’s a popular trend for spring and one that is easy to incorporate.  My favorite pop of color will come as no surprise if you follow me.  

This strategy works well when you’re looking for spring decorations for the office. Your boss may not approve of repainting your office a sunny yellow, but adding a fun yellow décor piece will brighten the space.

Back at home, look for inspiration in your current décor. Do you already have some color sprinkled throughout your room? Make that color even more noticeable by adding spring-inspired design elements in a similar hue. Colors in throw pillows, curtains or artwork are all good places to start when looking for an inspiration color to use.

If you want something new that isn’t already in your decor, consider common spring colors as inspiration. Blues and greens always work well in the spring, and they come in many shades, so you’re sure to find one that fits you. Pastels are another fitting option for spring. Even bright tangerine, lime green and similar colors can work.   

Try these ideas to integrate pops of color against your neutrals:

  • Brighten your kitchen with this two-sided faux vintage scale clock in a gorgeous distressed red. The top part of the faux scale is the perfect place to display small bright spring items to make an even bigger impact. This option works particularly well in a primarily neutral kitchen.
  • Hang this “You Are My Sunshine” sign on a neutral-colored wall. It’s a classic song with sentimental value to many of us. Customize the board and font colors to create the bold pop of color you want. Crimson red, robin egg blue, green apple and tangerine are fun, spring-like colors that work well as the board color. Any of the colors pop against a white, beige or gray wall.
  • Display these brightly colored stoneware mixing bowl measuring cups on your counter. They’re functional, but they’re also beautiful and bright, making them perfect to keep on display even when you’re not cooking.
  • Incorporate this sea glass wall clock for a spring-like green color. It pops against a light, neutral-colored wall. Plus, it’s a functional design piece.
  • Change your curtains to a bold, bright color. Look for a fun pattern on the curtains for additional visual interest. A twig-like design or a bird pattern works well. Curtains are easy to change with the seasons to help create the feeling of a particular time of year.
  • Jazz up your neutral sofas and chairs with vivid throw pillows. You get bonus points if the pillows have a spring-related design, such as flowers, birds or Easter designs. Layer several bright pillows for a more pronounced effect. A throw blanket in a coordinating color draped over the back of a sofa or chair adds another touch of color to your spring décor plans.

Incorporate Rustic Easter Elements

rustic spring decor

Indoor and outdoor Easter decorations are a natural option for the spring season. Who doesn’t want to celebrate the holiday with eggs, baskets and bunnies? You don’t have to settle for generic Easter decorations. Choosing decorations with a more rustic or customized feel shows your decorating style while keeping with the feeling of the holiday. 

Prep your home for the holiday with these Easter decorations you can make:

  • Make your own cement eggs using plastic Easter eggs and premixed cement. Drill a hole in one end of the egg. Spray the insides with cooking spray. Fill both sides with cement, close the egg and tap to get rid of air bubbles. Add more cement through the drilled hole if it settles and leaves a gap. Let the cement harden fully before removing them from the plastic eggs.
  • Create spring table decorations starting with a rustic window box or similar long, narrow wooden box with an open top. Tuck greenery, moss, silk spring flowers and eggs in the box to create a long centerpiece that stretches down the table.
  • Cover inexpensive plastic eggs with twine. Use hot glue to attach the twine. Wrap the twine around the egg in horizontal rows. Align each row so it touches the row below it to cover the egg completely. Add hot glue every so often to keep the twine from shifting.
  • Craft rustic DIY carrots from artificial grass, newspaper, tape and twine. Start with a small clump of long artificial greenery. Tape one end together to create the core of the carrot. Bunch pieces of newspaper around the lower taped portion of the grass to form the general shape of a carrot. Use packing tape to cover the newspaper to hold the shape. Wrap the carrot with twine. Spray paint the twine carrot orange.
  • Hang an Easter-themed sign on your wall. We have a few different options with an Easter twist. The Peter Cottontail sign pays homage to one of the most famous bunnies around, and it ends with “Happy Easter Day” to wish all of your family and friends a happy holiday. The sign also includes some fun spring colors to dress up your walls. Another option is our Hippity Hoppity sign. Think of it as an abbreviated version of the Peter Cottontail design. A smaller version of the Hippity Hoppity sign gives a subtle touch of Easter perfect for a small spot on your wall.

Make Use of Beautiful Buntings

bunting spring decor

Whether you’re looking for spring party decorating ideas or general spring home décor, don’t miss out on the bunting trend. It’s a simple way to decorate, and it adds a cute, cheerful look to your space. While it’s not a brand new trend, it is one that isn’t going anywhere, so spring is the perfect time to embrace buntings. Many people use buntings as a party decoration, but why wait for a party? This cute décor option works well for everyday decorating as well as party decor. Bunting even works as Easter table decorations. Choose Easter colored or printed fabrics. Drape the bunting along the front of the table, or wrap it around your favorite centerpieces.

If a bunting makes your list of spring trends to try, consider these options:

  • Make your own bunting by cutting triangles of fabric and sewing or hot gluing them along a wide ribbon. For a rustic look, cut the triangles from burlap and use a piece of twine instead of the ribbon. You can paint on the fabric or glue or sew embellishments on the triangles to customize the look. Don’t be afraid to get creative with different fabric patterns and designs.
  • Create a fabric strip bunting, which uses strips of fabric tied to twine instead of triangles of fabric. Cut long strips of fabric about 1-inch wide. Use a variety of fabric prints with some solids with at least one unifying color between the patterns. Fold each strip over a long piece of twine. Tie a simple knot to hold the fabric onto the twine so the ends of the fabric strips hang down.
  • If you don’t want to make your own bunting, stretch our vintage fabric bunting garland across your room. It’s the perfect way to add a springy touch to your space without getting out your sewing machine. Choose between sea foam and red binding to match your décor.
  • Hang this Spring Fun sign. It features all the best things about spring and a colorful bunting image stretched across the top of the sign. Several other signs feature the cute bunting image, including You Are My Sunshine, Be Real and I Am Brave. These signs give a subtle nod to the bunting décor trend.

Not sure how to use your bunting? Don’t be intimidated by this spring design trend. You can hang bunting almost anywhere with fun and beautiful results. Check out these hanging options:

  • Along the front of a mantel
  • On a wall
  • Along the top of a window
  • Above a table
  • On the front of a table
  • Across a room with the bunting dipping down into the room
  • Along a wall in a zigzag pattern
  • On a headboard

Get Inspired by Spring Signs

Is there a bad season for signs? We don’t think so. They’re a versatile design trend — perfect year-round, including spring. You often have two main options when it comes to signs: metal and wood. Both offer a handmade look that screams farmhouse chic.

What makes a sign perfect for spring? We recommend looking for these features:

  • Spring colors:Look for a sign with bright, cheery colors or colors that relate to the season, such as robin egg blue. Choosing a sign with the right colors helps create a spring feel while brightening your space. Our Spread Sunshine sign is a perfect example of spring color with its bold yellow background. The sunshine theme is also perfect for spring!
  • Spring sayings:Another trait of a good spring sign is a saying related to the season. Our Spring Fun sign is a perfect example.
  • Spring images:Along the same lines, look for signs with images that relate to spring, such as birds, plants, flowers or kites. Our Three Little Birds sign includes images of three cute birds in colors that work for spring.
  • Inspiration:Spring is often a time when we feel refreshed, energized and ready for the new in life. Choosing an inspirational sign helps keep you motivated and may inspire you to continue making a positive impact. Examples from our collection include Go Into the World and Creativity Takes Courage. 

Rustic signs work as spring décor in any room of your home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Incorporate the signs into a gallery wall for a creative presentation. You can also pair the sign with a related item. For example, hang the Creativity Takes Courage sign over some of your own artwork, or pair the bunting-decorated Spring Fun sign with an actual bunting hanging above it.

Which spring decorations make your must-do list? Whether you’re looking for spring decorations for the classroom, the office or the home, our spring signs brighten your world, and our décor collection offers even more decorating options as spring rolls around. Check out our other blog posts for more ideas for spring and beyond.

spring decor trends

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