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March 22, 2020

During this time of physical distancing, (I really think saying we are social distancing is a misstatement, don't you?) we are really being put to the test.   With everyone worried about self quarantines, shelter in place orders, school closures, and work from home mandates, we are left with high anxiety, severe stress and a serious lack of toilet paper.   Will we look back at this time one day and refer to it as the Covid-19 epidemic or the toilet paper shortage of 2020?

The day before all our local stores simultaneously sold out of TP, I just so happened to be shopping at Costco and loaded up on paper products because we were running low.  I guess I was lucky, because it was quite by accident that I ended up with more than enough of the precious paper.  

Then yesterday, my best friend told me that she and here husband were spreading some love in their little town with their extra squares and she sent me this photo!  

gift a roll of toilet paper to a family in need

Aren't these awesome?   They placed one in each of their neighbors mailboxes and shared their extra resources with those that might be in need.  They also included their number and told their neighbors that they could text them if they needed help. How sweet is that?    So I decided what I was going to do with our extra rolls.   I grabbed a few supplies, channeled my inner Seinfeld and got to work. 


free printable spare a square toilet paper

I wrapped each roll in a piece of tissue paper to protect the precious bundle.  Then I printed my label, and trimmed it to fit the top.  I wrapped a pretty ribbon around each roll and hand wrote a note, to include our number incase we too could help one of our neighbors during this difficult time.  

Grab your free printable here.

Sparing a Square for a Neighbor in Need Free Toilet Paper Printable



We all have something that we can share.   Maybe it's extra toilet paper, or butter, sugar, fresh fruit or veggies.   Maybe it's necessary medical supplies, soap, hand sanitizer or the coveted anti-bacterial wipes.   Maybe it's picking up extra groceries for an elderly neighbor who's afraid to go out.   Maybe it's mowing someones lawn, sharing your abundance of spring flowers if you're landscape is in full bloom, or maybe it's planting extra veggies in your spring garden so that you can share them in a few months with your neighbors that don't have a green thumb.   

On my run this morning I saw another great way to spread love.  One of our creative neighbors took to her sidewalk with chalk and created beautiful and inspiring messages for everyone to see as they traveled by her house.  

you are enough sidewalk chalk art

 We all have something to share.  And now more than ever, it's important for us to open our hearts and spread love where we can.  

Stay safe, be well and wash your hands!  

xo - kristi

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