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September 08, 2018

perfectionism is the thief of growth.   how many times have you wanted to attempt something, but were afraid it wouldn't turn out just right, so you just didn't try it?  I am the queen of pinning ideas to my boards on Pinterest, but often I'm overwhelmed or just plan scared of failure, so I just save those ideas for another day.  


as an artist, making mistakes is something that I've had to learn to allow myself.  I pride myself on things being perfect, but that just isn't possible all the time.   when you are learning a new skill, or honing a new process, mistakes are part of the road map.  allowing  yourself to make mistakes is how you travel from point a to point b, c, d and beyond.  those mistakes hold the keys to our growth and development.  

so i made a contract with myself.  and i thought you might like to make the same contract with yourself too.   this is perfect for kids, as well.   

download and print this contract.  read it.  sign it.  hang it up where you will see it every day.  and then live these words.    don't allow perfectionism to stunt your growth.  



and remember, you are enough.  just as you are!

xo - kristi

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