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November 29, 2016 1 Comment

Gifts for the Adventurer

BOP’s collection of gifts for travel lovers and adventurous souls include the likes of cool canvas totes to carry on life’s journeys to handcrafted whimsical wooden signs that continue to capture the spirit even when cozied up at home. 

Wanderlust Sign

This vintage-inspired BOP Little is an affordable favorite for all the wistful wanderers out there.

Canvas Tote Bags

Our selection of sturdy canvas tote bags are the perfect companion when roaming around Rome or just trekking around town (pictured: Bicycleta Tote).  

Let Your Heart Be Your Compass Sign

A reminder that no matter where you go, let your heart be your compass, and you'll undoubtably be on the right path. 

Collect Moments Not Things Sign

Just consider this handcrafted wooden sign the adventurer's words to live by. 

Canvas Makeup Bag



The girl-on-the-go will adore toting her makeup and accessories along in our fun makeup bags (pictured above: Confidence Makeup Bag; pictured below: Red Lipstick Makeup Bag). Bonus: They also make great stocking stuffers.

Capture Life Sign

What travel enthusiast doesn't also have an appreciation for snapping photos of their journeys along the way? This striking sign in either the full-size version (pictured above) or the Little (pictured below) makes the ideal gift for both professional photographers and just those who have a thirst for capturing life.

LOVE Satchel


Our customers love the LOVE Satchel, and that certain someone in your life will, too, especially when she's packing up for a weekend getaway. 

Hometown Heart Sign

Our Hometown Heart collection reminds us that no matter where or how far we go, home is always in our hearts. Available in all US states, these handmade signs make an especially thoughtful gift for anyone living abroad. 

Go Into the World and Do Good Sign


Our Go Into the World and Do Good Sign is perfect for the pal who travels with a cause. Available in three styles: Portrait, Landscape, and Globe (pictured).  

Make Today an Adventure Sign

This sign can be hung over a doorway, in a classroom, or even in an office to serve as a reminder that any day can contain an adventure... you just have to be willing to seek it out. 

Camper Ornaments 


Either our Vintage-Style Camper Ornament (pictured above) or Happy Camper Ornament (pictured below) make an adorable stocking stuffer that'll remind your loved one of trips past and trips to come. 

Road Signs 

Our vintage-inspired chocolate and cream road signs come in multiple styles: Hiking (pictured above), Biking, Scenic Overview, Camping, and Camper. Help build a road trip-themed gallery wall by selecting a few, and your friend will continue to treasure those hours cruising the highway for years to come. 

Coastal Gallery Wall Arrows

Our Coastal Gallery Wall Arrows belong in any beach/lake house or with anyone who truly believes that life's better at the beach.  

Map of the South

This map of the South is beautifully displayed in a distressed vintage-style frame, making it ready to add to any home or office for some instant Southern charm. 

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Shop the gift ideas featured in this post: Wanderlust Little / Bicycleta Tote / Let Your Heart Be Your Compass Sign / Collect Moments Not Things Sign / Makeup Bags / Capture Life Sign & Capture Life Little / LOVE Satchel / Hometown Heart Collection / Go Into the World and Do Good Sign / Make Today an Adventure Sign / Vintage-Style Camper Ornament / Happy Camper Ornament / Hiking Sign / Coastal Gallery Wall Arrows / Map of the South

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Judy Nieman
Judy Nieman

January 04, 2017

I love the Hometown Hearts Collection!

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