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your story #3: estella and go into the world

May 29, 2015

i just received this email from estella the other day and it meant so much to me. when i get emails like this where one of my signs has impacted someone, it reminds me why i am up to my elbows in paint each day. words do matter!

estella purchased our go into the world sign. here is her story:


I wanted to send along this picture to show you exactly how much your getting the sign to us on time succeeded in being the cherry on top to a wonderful year for our awesome little kindergartener. Mrs. B is the kind of teacher who makes a lasting impact in the lives of her students, and Brynn's year was no exception.

We have the larger version of this sign on our wall at home and we all remember how much it tickled Brynn when she could finally sound out and read the words on her own (so much so that her four year old brother quickly learned it by memory and then shortly after took a much keener interest in reading). Reading is not only a vital skill, but such a gift: we cherish reading in our home not only for the knowledge it can provide but for the way it ameliorates the imagination.

And as for the sign’s meaning to us...that is how we raise our children: with the intent and conviction they are and will be good people who will do good in this world, to and for its people. So when Brynn had the opportunity to give this version to her wonderful and dedicated teacher, you can see how she beamed!

Thank you so much, Kristi & Sean and the rest of the BOP family, for making our special moments even more memorable.

Words definitely matter.

Estella Márquez


thanks for sharing your story, estella! as a small thank you, i'm sending you a $50 gift certificate towards your next sign! 

our go into the world sign is available on our site in two different painted designs (HERE and HERE) and as a print. our prints are 25% off today also!

estella follows us on instagram too, where she snagged our insta-exclusive mini-version of this sign a few weeks back. be sure to check out our instagram feed today, as we are featuring a new insta-exclusive for one of our top selling signs!


now it's your turn. send me a picture of your barn owl primitives sign hanging in your home and tell us why you chose / were gifted that particular sign and you could win $50 towards your next sign! 

please make sure the photograph is well lit and saved as a jpeg. send the photo and the story behind your sign to my assistant and me at ( if we choose to share your sign and story, you will win $50 towards your next sign.


xo ~ kristi

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