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window shopping wednesday {4}

May 12, 2015

so i skipped a week but i'm back to my etsy browsing and loving more shops. i just get so inspired by other artists and vintage finders. i don't have the time to dig through flea markets for treasures, so i love it when people do it for me! here are my latest favorites!



elegance farm homestead

love these! pretty and functional. i think that is how everything should be in life! they have gorgeous chalkboards and magnetic boards. all framed and ready to hang. yes please!



so many things i want from this shop. um, these beer towels? yes. i love beer. especially when it shows up in my mailbox from time to time. ;) or these gorgeous dinner napkins! and this pillow cover... currently half price!  and so many city skylines.



wow. after finding this shop i think i read nearly every print they have and laughed and laughed. and then, you know... read half of them aloud to my husband. the best. it is so hard to narrow down my favorites. i'm an offical fan. one of each please.


hope you found a new shop you love too! 

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