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window shopping wednesday {3}

April 29, 2015

wednesday. again. already? i've been so swamped painting this week. it's nice to take a break and see what other artists are creating. want to take a peek at what i'm loving on etsy this week?


homegrown sign co.

handmade signs are right up my alley. family business. one man show. sounds a bit familiar. and that coffee sign? need it. 
kenny and beryl made my first barn owl primitives company sign...they have a very special place in my heart...and my studio!


oh albatross

think clean lines and industrial. this bunting is amazing. she also makes these adorable handmade stuffed animals that look like something out of a west elm catalog. i wouldn't even know where to start!


tracy ann digital art

for something COMPLETELY different. digital art. for people who can design and paint with a mouse or track pad or however it is they do it. but digital scrapbooking is amazing. my pictures are digital, why shouldn't i make the albums on my computer too. and these kitchen labels. i need them too.
tracy ann made my first, official barn owl primitives logo in 2010.


and she gave it a facelift in 2012.  

she is crazy talented...and so fun to work with.  and she's from down under...i wish i could hear her Australian accent!  i used to image her speaking when i'd read her emails. yep...just like that upside down owl, i'm crazy like that.  


check back next week to find some more great handmade shops!

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