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Your Story #1: Felie in Seattle, WA

March 20, 2015

words matter.

i love creating custom designs for all of you and hearing the heart behind each piece or sharing with you the meaning behind my own creations. i also loved reading all of your submissions for the stories behind your BOP signs. what a treat for me!

our first winner is Felie in Seattle. Felie purchased our We Can Do Hard Thingssign (a best seller!). here is her story:


My husband and I wanted to take a wasted very unfinished space and turn into our proper laundry, utilities, back yard entry and craft space.



Originally this room was only accessible from the outside. In order to do laundry you had to go outside into the room next door, and, well, living in Seattle with the weather sometimes it's not so fun. Tearing down the wall and making it part of our home was always a dream! When we saved enough money to tackle this project we were so excited. With the help of my father in law, the we got to work, but little did we know it was going to be a little more challenging then just putting in the plumbing and hanging dry wall. What seemed simple was not. We hired a few outside folks to do the electrical and plumbing, because the project ended up being well beyond our scope of expertise, especially the electrical. (When you tear down dry wall you just never know what's behind there. And in our case, it was electrical wiring that was held together with electrical tape and card board boxes plus a breaker panel that was NOT up to code!) But when the transformation was complete, we were so happy with the outcome!


I'm so proud of this tiny space. Our hard work and creative small space design make this room as functional as it can be.

We choose the "we can do hard things" sign to display in our remodeled space as a daily reminder of what hard work looks like, what it looks like when you dream big and make things happen, in our case a completely remodeled wasted space that now functions quite nicely in our home.


congrats, Felie! a $50 gift certificate to our shop is coming your way!
i just love all the color and how happy your new space is! yay!


if you want to share your BOP story and have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate towards your next sign, send in several photos and a small write up of the meaning behind your sign to us at

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