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you are my sunshine

February 09, 2015

you are my sunshine

this design is one of our most popular.  it has such deep meaning for so many.   it's often the first song that many hear.  it was sung to them by their mom.  their dad.  and their grandparents, too.   it's the song that they now sing to their children.  and one day it will be the song that their kid's sing to their kiddos's too. 

i'm blessed with the stories that my customer's share with me.  sweet childhood memories.  sacred recountings of this song being sung to them.  for them.  it's pleasing melody lulling them to sleep.  for some, it's the most vivid memory they have of a grandparent.  or a beloved aunt.  hearing the lyrics brings them such joy.  

knowing that this sign will hang in a sweet nursery.  well, that makes me happy.

or it might hang in a family room.  a sunroom.  a bedroom maybe.  

years later it might hang again in a nursery or playroom. knowing that this sign will be passed down for generations, just like the sweet song, well that warms my heart.  

we offer this sign in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.  we truly have something for everyone.  

does this song have special meaning to you?  was this your childhood lullaby?  is this the song your kids fall asleep to each night?


xo - kristi


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